The benefits of social media for todays lawyer

The benefits of social media for todays lawyer

Our business is constantly changing and it is imperative that we all continue, even though we cover tools outside our normal empire. Social media is an example that has changed how people do business. Love it or hate it, its here to stay in all its different forms, and it offers huge opportunities for those who make it right, whether individual lawyers or companies as a whole.

Social media seems to fall into the category can not live with it, can not live without it, and yet the increasing popularity is a direct response to our modern dynamic life, where everything is faster, more critical and in need immediate answers and confirmations . That takes us to the first part of what makes law firms successful on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.

Your accounts must be interactive. People want to feel heard and acknowledged. So many law firms simply send tweets, such as their news or articles and thats all. They do not respond to comments about their posts and do not interact with other posts and tweets. Social media is not a one-sided business - users must admit that others live in this space as well and, where appropriate, engage with them. Your goal should be to build your profile and create an understanding of who you are and what you do.

Before creating your social media accounts, consider why you want them. Being on social media because everyone else is not enough. Being on social media to increase brand awareness and raising individuals profiles and company is the ultimate goal. Develop a good strategy - Careful thinking needs to understand what the personality behind your accounts should portray (that is, professional but not too difficult, or relaxed and fun - it simply depends on your target market) and what you want or wont share .

Your strategy should also include responsiveness - responses or messages to your company must be answered promptly and appropriately. People want to feel confirmed, especially when they take the time to contact you. And they are potentially a customer so, just as you would not ignore a potential customer who sends you email address (would you?), Do not ignore them elsewhere. That being said, you read what they say carefully and answer their actual question or confirm that they are mentioned. So many big brands (not necessarily legal brands) simply respond without really helping the person who contacted them. Or worse, they ask the person to email them - why would they email after using social media? People are busy. The reason they use social media is that it is fast and easy to communicate. If more detail is required, ask them to simply send their contact details (privately on the social media account they communicate with) and contact them to help. Do not make the client or potential client do all the work!

Everyone is also very concerned about how many followers they have, but really the question should be, how many quality followers do we have? Of quality, we mean that you and your company are worthwhile. We all know that supporters can be purchased, but even if they are not and you have 10,000 of which most are not customers or potential customers, what is the meaning? You talk to a wasted audience.

It is extremely important that your social media accounts are handled by experienced staff or marketers who clearly understand the limits and opportunities as well as who you are. Some brushes delete their accounts and delegate them to junior staff, because again someone has to do it. This is more harmful than if you had no social media presence. Your marketing person should be experienced and therefore credible. On the other hand, some companies are extremely careful to be on social media and allow marketing to manage their accounts. If you trust marketing in everything they do with your brand, you should be able to rely on them with your social media as well.

But with tweet scheduling tools (where you can schedule the tweets before time), you can insist on logging out if there is a problem. An experienced social media consultant (or marketer) understands what is possible on social media and also how to use it. For example, how to use #hashtags and what their purpose is, how to speak in a language that attracts your audience and whats different between each social media account and how to maximize them.

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